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Virtuelle Assistenzleistungen online
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VA's - OR VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS are more than a trendy working style. Virtual Services are efficient and generally environmental protecting by reducing daily working traffic. In acknowledge of these facts, Loevens as B2B Service Company is offering VA-Services since 2009 on fair tariff and transparent policy.

JULY 2019:

NUÑO Marketing is getting a profund facelifting in all online presentations, banners and a brand new website. Discover the updates and changes online soon.

Services for business, or S4B is the new landing page brand of Loevens Agency, Austria. Starting at 27th June '19 by innovating global brands like, Nuño Marketing or Travel Gourmet Magazine and Loevens itself. Stay tuned and see the growing.


Fantastic infrastructure plans in Doha for Qatar2022 are moving successfully forward. Qatar is even more than the sport destination of this decade. For MICE and Corporate Business, Doha is the top hub in near east, as TGM Central Europe Edition reported. **)

for special occasions like travelling for business or leisure reasons, e-books and guide tour services are growing strong on global market.

Online Publishing grows

21 to 45 years old readers in business segment made their preference for online-reading clear!

Even in special occasions like travelling for business or leisure reasons, e-books and e-guided-tour services are growing strong on global market.



Professional Feedback on IMEX Frankfurt 2019: TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine is investigating and preparing a inside report on experiences on this international Trade Fair.


Wählen Sie Ihre Wunschausgabe von TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine aus.

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TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine 2nd Quarter 2019 results are online, so far in advance:

Excellent development has been made. See MORE here.

**) Background video and head banner in courtesy of Qatar National Tourism Board