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Why is Monitoring necessary? First of all what is Monitoring? Monitoring is the systematic recording, measurement, observation or monitoring of an operation or process by means of technical aids or other observation systems.

Monitoring in Business Services includes observing sections or segments of the market, which are relevant for the client, on all important movements of tendencies and trends, as well as relevant competitors, in the same market.

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Or Business on Demand, is for us since 2009 an essential service in our global portfolio. Professional help and support produced by highly qualified associates in three languages is a growing and successful business model especial in times of home-office and covid-19 situation. As many corporate companies are discovering the mutual benefit of home-office solutions - we offer an additional benefit - paying only for services on demand.

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PROFESSIONAL ONLINE EDUCATION Isn't just a trend in COVID-19 times - smart universities have offered online seminars and entire courses for students since years. Nuño Marketing as long experienced researcher in Neuro-Marketing is proud to grow in this segment und collaborate with international high qualified institutions in online-education in Neuro-Marketing training and development.

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More than ever up to date, online consumption of information, news and entertainment are growing world wide tremendous. Best times for fix-budget fans being published on TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine.


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