We are more then dedicated professionals for professionals, supporting clients with international experience and creative minds. We are your virtual assistant for local and global affairs, which can DO MORE for your business.  DO MORE:  www.loevens.at



Your consultant and service provider for business on demand,

with strategic international competence

DO MORE: www.loevens.at



DO MORE - since 2019 service slogan of Loevens and associated brands.


DO MORE for your business is a promise, we support with international competence many years.


We offer Business on demand services since 2009 well operated in 3 languages and serving clients in 3 continents.


Integrating our international experience and service-benefits for budget-conscious clients is our target.


Let's talk… and DO MORE for your business!


Milestones in our company development, which started in 1979, based on innovation and grow through all this years.

2007 starting decentralised global working - the word Home Office wasn't known.

2009 we celebrated 30 years of a great idea born by professionals, and the beginning of Business on Demand services.

2011 the changeover to new managing partners was successfully realised moving to European Head office.

2015 start of our first online Magazine: TRAVEL & GOURMET was born.

2019 was the 10th anniversary offering Business on Demand Serivces in 3 business languages on 3 continents.

2021 will be the next milestone in our history - the 10th anniversary of ownership of our present management partners.

We are looking forward to serve you soon!


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