Loevens Web-Partner Services ist die ideale Fusion in pragmatischer technischer Funktionalit

Websites for many areas, whether in German, English or Spanish, with and without online shop. Jimdo provides the technical basis, Loevens the design & marketing concept. Both at a fair price-performance ratio



Loevens Web-Partner Services are providing the ideal mixture in pragmatic technical functionality, style & design and last but not least in the application of current knowledge of market communication.


We take care of







JIMDO provides the

- platform features

- technique

- functionality

- availability

- technical support


Does the perfect website exist?

Yes, if a web presence covers the parameters you want to reach, whether it includes communication, information, online sales or more.

  • Our priority is to identify your needs in order to get to know you and your requirements.
  • Then we develop a structure that best conveys your content.
  • The maintenance of a website, news and updates and their adaptation to your growth, is as much a part of our service as marketing, communicated through your web presence.
Loevens WebDesign ans ARTifical Virtual Services based on JIMDO
Photo: Jimdo Websites

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